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Honeywell HY-108 QuietSet® Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell HY-108 QuietSet<sup>®</sup> Whole Room Tower Fan Price: $79.99
Model Number:  HY-108
Dimensions:  11 x 8 x 33 in
Weight:  12.03 in
Color:  Black
Room Size:  Medium to Large in
Speeds:  8
Warranty:  1 year limited
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Honeywell HY-108 QuietSet® Whole Room Tower Fan

How to open the fan? Take out all the screws including surrounding the black casing. Then take out the 2 screws in the silver piece locate in the back of the fan. After taking out the two screws put hand where th screw and pull the piece should fall out. Then take a flat screw driver and push it into th black base on the side. Pry little by little and it will open. The rest is easy to clean
Love The Fan

I bought this fan last July and fell in love with it.  It is supper quiet and works very well.  The only problem was that the first one I purchased went bad within about a month and I went back to Target and exchanged it for one of the same model.  Now, The second fan died last week912/20/2011 and now Taget will no longer replace or return it so I am attempting to get  a replacement under warrenty.

Great service!

Bought a HY105 - fan worked great for 1 year and then the oscillation stopped. I called KAZ and they were very helpful - waived the POP and handling, promptly gave me a RMA #. I chose to drive to the warehouse in Toronto since shipping was more expensive - and the folks at the office were very helpful; - and I was given a new HY108. Love the product! Quiet Quiet Quiet! And great features. Especially like the temperature control.

Ron Chan


Great fan!

I am very pleased with this fan.  It travels easily from room to room and is able to cool the rooms nicely. It is very quiet and efficient. I would consider buying another one of these.

Loved the Fan- but it randomly stopped working

I thought this fan was fantastic. I am a very poor sleeper, so it was the perfect option for me. It kept the temperature of the room regulated, and was very quiet. Another benefit was if I wanted white noise because I was not having a good sleep, I could turn it up and it would provide me with a perfect white noise.

However, after only having the fan a couple months I went to turn it on one night, and it didnt work. It just would not turn on. This is very disappointing, especially because I used it everynight.

Save your money

The fan was ok but stopped working within 3 months of purchased. I accidentally threw the box and receipts away :( Target wont take it back...

Not quiet anymore after 6-7 months

The fan was very good at first, however, the fan is now making some noise, waiting for a warranty replacement.

it was great while it last
I purchased this fan less than a year ago and raved about it but it just stopped working. Light come on dem but no air blowing. My other cheap fan from the dollar store is still blowing after 3 years. Save your money and buy another brand.
Keep your money

It was great, till it stopped working and you can't get the parts either.  I paid a good amount of money for it and am so dissappointed that it just stopped working. I will look for a better made product next time and no longer buy honeywell.

HY-108 Fans

I bought this fan in September, then another 2 in June. 2 of them blew their fuse today, not even 3 months. They use 2.5 amp fuses no one carries them. IF You want to buy new fans every 3 months this is the fan for you!

fargile fan

Like the accidently got knocked over...breaking some internal plastic parts of the looking at the base saw the parts broken are very small plastic hook like perhaps a 1/4 inch easy to see why it broke...Would be nice if one could at least get replacement parts to repair this as the fan still works fine..JUST WILL NOT ROTATE!!


Was a good fan
Had this fan for a little over a year. All of a sudden, it just stopped working. For the price, I expected a lot more longevity of usage.
Worked Great at first

This fan looked great worked well and then after one season it just stopped.  Plug it in and nothing works.  Of course enough time had passed that I could no longer find the receipt.  I won't be replacing this model. My no-name tower fan is still going after five years - will save my money and buy one of those again.

Poor Product

I've only had this fan for a year, just recently gave out. I will never recommand this fan to anyone I know!

worst fan for the price

worked for 1 year, after that it suddenly stopped working.

Great fan

I love this fan. it is a great fan. it is a great space saver. The only down fall is i have had the fan for less then a year and it no longer works.


My fan has stopped working. Can you pleas assist in finding parts or providing repair. Thank you.

Don't buy this fan

Im reading the reviews wishing I had earlier.  Had it a month and now it's making a strange noise. Loved it till then.  I finally decided to invest in a decent fan and I'm thinking I made a huge mistake.  Hope I can find my receipt 

Horrible! Only lasted 2 1/2 months

Only had the fan for a couple months and it stopped working. I bought it in Target and can not find the receipt. So angry I spent the extra $$ on this one thinking how great it would be to have the remote control and stuff. Not a happy person. 

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